Pen forges forward
Spring birdhouse

A new horizon beckons

Named the 3rd great force for good

Make your message prayerful

Clearly active and understood


SCG secrets
Sydney Cricket Ground

There is something about the Australian summer cricket season, that, by summer’s end, I know I will miss over winter. The SCG (Sydney Cricket Ground) encapsulates a disparate array of feelings and memories for young and old alike. Today’s article about the SCG by Pat Sheil, published in the Sydney Morning Herald, caught my attention.

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New born gall

Once upon a sunburnt sky

I pondered what it meant

The snakes, the trees, the ashen lie

of love and all it bent


UBleam: The Smart Logo

Packaging is turning interactive! Thanks to the introduction of the App “Ubleam“. Ubleam is a mobile device that once installed consumers can scan a company’s specially designed logo that then connects the user with their website, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube pages. Ubleam is a really simple, convenient and fun way for businesses to interact with their

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AEC Logo  Archecolour BlogMag 

Developing SM strategy: 5 key points – OLJ

Listening(Source: Getty images) Much is written about the right and wrong ‘way’ to construct or develop a Social Media policy for individuals, employees, employers and organisations. Presentation from NSPRA Ohio 2010 Social Media Conferenceoffers statistics

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Authenticity in a SN world – OLJ

Lauren Sessions (2009) discusses the evolution of deception and authenticity online, concluding that Social Networking Sites (SNS) such as MySpace, more relevantly in 2012, Facebook, increasingly blur the lines between online and offline identities; where

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Online identity management – OLJ

Collaborative identity (Source: Getty images) In an increasingly networked world identity management is a critical component of online activity. Individuals and organisations need to be aware of their cyberdust. An extension of our offline, or

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Policy concerns – OLJ

Honing the significance for organisations, businesses and individuals to develop information policies, the following six (6) concerns offer a useful development starting line: Intellectual Property (IP) Privacy, disclosure of personal information and online safety Information

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Shifts and trends – OLJ

“what used to fit in a building now fits in your pocket; what now fits in your pocket will fit inside a blood cell in 25 years” (Ray, Kurzweill) Global mobile (Source: Getty images) The

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Developing a Social Media Strategy (SMS) – OLJ

The development of a Social Media Strategy (SMS) is underpinned by understanding the differing behaviours of online audiences. For marketing purposes analysts divide participants into general categories to develop effective marketing plans. As personalisation of online

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Creating an online personal learning network (PLN) – OLJ

PLN is the term describing Personal Learning Network. In an online world, PLN’s are an evolving network – where at once any, or all, of Jeff Utecht’s (2008) five stages of PLN adoption may be

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5 keys to embracing Library 2.0 – OLJ

The YouTube video title “Building Academic Library 2.0”  is part of a symposium sponsored by the Librarians Association of the University of California, Berkeley Division. Presented in 2007, the speakers shared valuable insights into transforming

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A to Z of Social Networking for Information agencies – OLJ

The EAAAis an information agency supporting the philosophies and practices of ecologically minded individuals, farmers and organisations. The A to Z of Social Networking for Libraries (2010), aka information agencies, offers 24 recommendations for enhancing

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Amended A to Z of Social Networking for Libraries (2010) – Appendix A

Offering the full complement of 26 A to Z recommendations, this list is inclusive of  2012 (Hill, S, 2012) amendments ‘Q’ and ‘X’. A to Z of Social Networking for Libraries A-active, in order for

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The ASU Library Channel – OLJ

Pile of library books ( The ASU Library Channel is the online social networking hub of the ASU real world library located in Arizona, USA. Encouraging online library participation since 2005 (n.d.), ASU examples Library

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January muse

As the Year of the Dragon dawns …. And our western calendar is nearly 1/12 of the way through, I have drawn up a short list of five New Year resolutions … a list of

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Second Life – OLJ

The creative, immersive and innovative opportunities proffered by Virtual Worlds (VW) such as Second Life(SL) has been impeded by “the failure of VW’s to take off amongst mainstream Internet users” (Poynter, R., 2010, p. 110)

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Why libraries use SM – OLJ

Relevant to the main focus of productivity arising out of this journey, (EAAA), the following three (3) information agencies/libraries, (Table 1), illustrates the use of networking technologies each, of these three agencies, currently employs.  Name

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Top 7: Knowledge, skills and attributes in a Web 2.0 world – OLJ

Connected gears of the globe (Source: Getty Images) In a connected Web 2.0 world, essential knowledge, skills and attributes are required by libraries and information agencies – of all colours, niches, predications and penchants. Based

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Designing effective library websites – OLJ

Man with connecting blocks(Source: Getty Images) The following 10 point list presents a set of criterion valuable to the effective development of a library or information agency website. The list is developed consequent to readings

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12 days of Christmas … Musings

On the first day of Christmas, my true love said to me ..   1. I wish all those people were shopping online. On the second day of Christmas, my true love said to me …

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At times it feels as if there is an incessant avalanche of information pervading our internet enabled connections – reliable, newsworthy, peer-reviewed, personally useful, just for fun and/or blatantly irrelevant to personal communities or lifestyle

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Video sharing

In a global environment of user-generated-content …. a list of video sharing providers may be a useful reference … User generated sites mostly offer free services whereby users can upload video clips and share it

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Week 3 & Week 4: morphed Musings

A week or two is a long time in the life of a Social Media and Social Networking researcher. The avenues for discovery ever more diverse. Whilst I settle my thoughts on the OCLC Sharing

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Week 2 Musings

Week 2 of INF206 placed increasing demands on both my left and right brain-hemispheres: both sides employed to make sense of rapidly evolving Social Media and Networking environments, risking havoc when referencing resources. Outdated and

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QR – words beginning with ‘S’

Would live in subliminal ignorance if not for INF206. Too much fun, too easy …. my first experience creating QR codes: Words beginning with ‘S’!  

Dunbar and his number

The featured Infographic offers a dispassionate perception on the value of our connections. Whilst amiable to maximising friendships, networks, information, learning and discovery – in both abstract and concretely meaningful ways – reality may resemble Robin Dunbar’s

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Once upon a time …. Blue Cordial was

Distributed by Cottee’s

Blue Cordial Cocktail

Ever wondered how to serve Blue Cordial at your themed party? Try a Blue Cordial Cocktail Ingredients:      Shot glass: 10mls Blue Curacao 10mls Vodka 10mls Peach Liqueur      Cocktail glass: 10mls Peach Liqueur

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Random thoughts

Stimulus size and duration ! What networks do it for you?

why i chose the blogger platform

An avid fan and consumer of WordPress, I was delighted to have the opportunity to re-explore the various blogging platforms available across the internet. After considered evaluation of alternate platforms such as Wikispaces, Ning, iWeb, Tumblr and a range of other

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Week 1 Musings

Musing over Week 1 of INF206, I summarise a sensation of relief that I currently utilise several Web 2.0 Technologies. I would not like to have addressed the requirements of Week 1 and Assignment 1 as a newbie.   Enrolling in this subject only last week, I have spent approximately 40hours reading the subject outline,

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