Pen forges forward
Spring birdhouse

A new horizon beckons

Named the 3rd great force for good

Make your message prayerful

Clearly active and understood


SCG secrets
Sydney Cricket Ground

There is something about the Australian summer cricket season, that, by summer’s end, I know I will miss over winter. The SCG (Sydney Cricket Ground) encapsulates a disparate array of feelings and memories for young and old alike. Today’s article about the SCG by Pat Sheil, published in the Sydney Morning Herald, caught my attention.

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New born gall

Once upon a sunburnt sky

I pondered what it meant

The snakes, the trees, the ashen lie

of love and all it bent


UBleam: The Smart Logo

Packaging is turning interactive! Thanks to the introduction of the App “Ubleam“. Ubleam is a mobile device that once installed consumers can scan a company’s specially designed logo that then connects the user with their website, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube pages. Ubleam is a really simple, convenient and fun way for businesses to interact with their

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AEC Logo  Archecolour BlogMag 

Pick my brains

Beer on tap, water running freely, pennies from heaven. Are you dreaming ? Perhaps 🙁 Your very own Interior & Architectural Design Consultant, Colour Expert, Project Manager & Decorating Hand all rolled into one friendly, personalised &

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How I can help Nadia

Thursday, January 7, 2010 I would love to assist Nadia. I also know the joys and vagaries of the Sydney climate intimately!!! Nadia, you have given your renovation a lot of thought and detailed this

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Design energy 2010 – Year of the Tiger

Friday, January 1, 2010 All things are inteconnected: energy, matter, animals, plants and humanity. The design of all things matters. The Year of the Tiger describes design energy for 2010. courtesy: Were you born

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What is an orb?

Thursday, December 31, 2009 What is an orb? As our planet spins and tilts a little, it is quite serendipitous to launch this blog as the earth experiences a blue moon (did I mention colour!).

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7 blue moons – enjoy

10 things to do with a full blue moon

Move the clouds Find a scope (telescope, microscope, landscope … ) Invest in a lotto ticket Propose Decide to do something completely out of the blue  (read: extraordinary – for you – and of which you will,

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Welcome to Archecolour

pron: áarki kúller Inspirational colour/color, interior design, architectural design & planning, paint selections & decorating solutions for your space: home, office or farmyard! Delivered straight to your inbox, you can be assured of eco-friendly solutions

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