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I am so excited that you have taken the time to visit the Archecolour website.

Thank you.

It is not compulsory to register to access the site, but by doing so, Archecolour can offer you a more personal service and you will be the first to know when new FREE content is available. Registering also allows you to comment on our blog.

You already know that Archecolour is a unique, online, Australian design, planning and decorating service. With 25 years of Architecture, Drafting, Colour Consulting and Property Planning experiences under my belt, wow, have I got a lot of creative and colourful stories to share with you! Keep an eye on the Archecolour website and blog.

There are 50 more things I would like to share with you about how we can collaborate on your project …. but, for today, I will share just 7 things Archecolour does differently:


1. Unique online service – delivered at your convenience, via email, chat, Skype, Facebook, Twitter or mobile.

2. You decide how much design, architectural drafting or colour consulting you want. Whilst it is not very useful to produce half an unfinished house plan, you may only want some tweaking, suggestions or design guidance. Often it only takes a friendly email or two to give you the confidence and direction to get your project moving.

3. You have nothing to lose. The online service delivery starts at just $97.00 (AUD) …. AND, comes with a 100% money back guarantee*.

4. 2-3 hours consulting time is yours for just $97.00 (AUD). You will receive answers to as many questions as you would like to ask.

5. Valuable, timely, affordable online consulting is environmentally friendly, saving on costs and footprints such as travel and meetings. The full fee schedule can be found here.

6. Driven to find creative solutions tailored just for you.

7. Archecolour cares.

One last thing, I have a passion for learning. So strong is that passion, that I continue to study all things ecological. Now, are you probably thinking “what has ecology got to do with my new house plans, my renovation or the colours I would like you to help me select?


Well …. ecology has everything to do with it. For starters


• I am equipped with knowledge and actively care about the connections between environmental, economic and social needs

• Lighting, air-circulation, fabric selections and colours all contribute to comfort, mood and usability of your indoor spaces

• I understand the relationship between these indoor spaces with the outdoor surroundings

• The colours of nature are truly inspirational, in fact they are the only true colours

• I can help you find the balance between the ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ areas, recreational or functional, in your garden

• We can chat about how to attract birds, set up a worm farm, where to plant that shade tree, or how to establish a sustainable garden

• Qualified in Architecture and Permaculture, we can chat about your kitchen design right through from growing your own herbs and vegetables, to storing, cooking and serving them up efficiently and deliciously. Kitchen design is very personal and must suit your many needs

• In addition to 25 years professional practice, my experiences living a farming life, property planning, fencing, horticulture, boutique farm gate sales, customer service, designing and creating handmade organic products, animal husbandry and sustainability are embraced in my personal philosophy


My philosophy is two-fold:


1. Knowledge is wasted if it is not shared
2. An holistic approach to design delivers the most satisfying and sustainable outcomes


So, ecology is all about living, and delivering – designs, plans, colour selections – holistically. That is, taking into consideration the many different factors and influences which contribute to achieving beautiful, comfortable and satisfying spaces.


So, what are you waiting for? With the aim of helping you resolve your design, planning or colour dilemmas, here are a few ways we can begin to be in touch …


Archecolour enjoys a healthy following on Twitter. I would love you to join us there. You can also follow our updates on every page of our website.


Find the Archecolour Facebook page … please ‘like’ us and share our stories with your friends.


Visit the Archecolour shop and let’s get started resolving your design, architectural drafting or holistic property planning dilemmas. Or simply ask us about colours and materials you are considering for your project. Perhaps you are painting a very special room in your home, like a new baby’s room, and don’t want to get the colour wrong. We can help.


Email me now, to begin your 2-3 hour online consultation … or just email me to say hi or let me know what you think.


Thanks for your time. I am really excited you have subscribed to Archecolour. I look forward to hearing from you.


Sue Hill

Proprietor, Archecolour
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